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Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship (TNEF)
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Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship (TNEF)

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Fellowship Programme (TNCMFP) was announced with a
view to harness the talents of the Young Professionals from diverse professional and
academic backgrounds in the implementation of the various flagship and priority schemes
of the State Government. The fellowship is envisaged to be one of the most prestigious
programmes in public policy and service domain in the entire country. The government
believes in the power of the youth to improve the efficiency of the governance processes
and hence, is launching the Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship (TNEF) to support the novel
initiatives undertaken by the School Education Department.

Having achieved nearly universal enrollment in primary schools, the next frontier for the state
is to elevate the quality of education imparted in its public schools, and the Government of
Tamil Nadu is committed to innovating and delivering contextual educational programmes
for children across the state.

Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship JOB RESPONSIBILITES

Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship (TNEF)

Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship (TNEF)

Under the able leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu many innovative schemes
to improve the quality of education in government and government-aided schools are being
implemented like Illam Thedi Kalvi, Ennum Ezhuthum, Naan Mudhalvan and Nam Palli Nam
Perumai. The goal of these initiatives is to ensure that all students, in government and
government-aided schools of Tamil Nadu, attain all the necessary skills for them to thrive,
right from attaining basic literacy and arithmetic skills to choosing and pursuing a higher
education of their choice.

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The selected TNEF Fellows will support the administrators at the State level like Directors
and Joint Directors of the various departments under the School Education Department to
implement the schemes effectively. They will also work under and support the
administrators at the District level like Chief Education Officers and District Education
Officers in reviewing and improving the quality of implementation of the programmes.

Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship JOB ROLE’S:

Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship (TNEF)

Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship (TNEF)

The Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship (TNEF) will be a 2 year fellowship that will recruit
passionate young professionals to provide support for the implementation and the delivery
of all critical educational initiatives by the School Education Department and achieve the
vision set by the Government. A cohort of 114 Fellows and 38 Senior Fellows will be placed
in teams of 4 across every district of Tamil Nadu.

Interested persons with at least 2 years of work experience, preferably in the education
sector may apply to join as a Fellow and candidates with at least 5 years of experience can
apply for the role of Senior Fellow. The ideal candidate would possess an undergraduate
degree and will have the ability to read, write and speak Tamil and English languages
fluently. The Fellows will be expected to be stationed in state/district headquarters and
travel within and across the districts.

Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship JOB PREREQUISITES

Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship (TNEF)

Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship (TNEF)

The Tamil Nadu Education Fellowship (TNEF) will be a structured programme for the
government to engage with professionals where they will be:

  • Recruited through a rigorous selection process during the period of April 22, 2022 to June 30, 2022
  • Placed as an Tamil Nadu Education Fellow from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2024 for a remuneration of:
  • ○ Fellows: INR 32,000 per month
  • ○ Senior Fellows: INR 45,000 per month
  • Provided periodic training for developing key technical and non-technical competencies pertaining to project management, conducting field observations, developing communication materials, raising community awareness, and more.
  • Offers the opportunity to interact with and learn from a diverse set of stakeholders
  • within government departments, schools, and local communities.
  • Granted an experience certificate detailing their work and key role in the delivery of the novel initiatives undertaken by the Government.
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The details of the Fellowship roles, the expected qualifications and applications will remain
open from April 22, 2022 to May 15, 2022 through the online application portal found here.
Shortlisted candidates will be called for in-person interviews following which the
selected candidates will be announced and on boarded for the Fellowship by July 1, 2022


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